Itty Bitty Mandy
Hey I'm Amanda. I'm 20. I'm in a dd/lg relationship, and i'm a ab/dl. My boyfriend and I have been together for two years.
Don't be shy to talk & stay little<3


i never hit reblog so fast in my life



For reals I finished it. I has snap fasteners on the bottom area but they are sew on. When I get a chance to go to a differed store I’m going to get nicer looking ones. And I sewed on a patch that says baby because well that’s what I aaam. More pictures when we have abdl time after going grocery shopping.

It’s so pretty!! ^_^



Pokemon Charmander Adult Onesie

Complete with a flaming tail, this onesie will make any wearer look like Charmander. Perfect for any Pokemon trainer or aspiring Pokemon Master. Available in sizes S - XL. Sold on Etsy.


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